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Modules are given below:


  • What is DevOps ? Why use it ?
  • CI/CD
  • Tools and Technologies in DevOps.(CM,Version control,Build Tools etc.)
  • What is Configuration Management? Introduction to Chef basics
  • Container Technologies and vagrant
  • GIT, Jenkins and related tools
  • Basic Automation with Chef
  • Managing your infrastructure with Chef

  • Minimum 2-3 years of experience with good understanding to Server (either windows,linux ,AIX etc.) and related technologies.
  • Zeal to learn new tools and technologies at a quick pace
  • Basic scripting(bash,perl,python,powershell etc.)

(Good to have but not mandatory)


  • Chef installation and configuration
  • Configure Workstation on linux and windows
  • Bootstrapping a linux and a windows node
  • Knife configuration and plugins
  • Chef push and Chef pull
  • Writing cookbooks
  • Chef Resources and OHAI
  • Version Control, GIT and Chef
  • Jenkins installation and configuration for Chef
  • Understanding Chef Proviosining
  • Other Important Chef Concepts

  • Either Completed MODULE I 


  • Basic Exposure to
  1. Configuration Management Tools(Chef,Puppet SaltStack etc.)
  2. Version Control System(GIT,SVN etc.)
  3. Build Tools(Jenkins,Bamboo,Udeploy etc.)
  4. Prior experience in Automation via scripting etc.Dev  
Rs 40000
  • Duration - 2months
  • Lab & Project
  • Access Duration-Lifetime
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