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French is the second-most widespread language worldwide after English, being an official language in 29 countries, most of which are members of la francophonie, the community of French-speaking countries.

     It is spoken as a first language in France, southern Belgium, western Switzerland, Monaco, the provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick and some parts of Ontarioin Canada, parts of the U.S. states of Louisiana, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, among educated classes in North Africa, Haiti, French Polynesia and by various communities elsewhere.

According to a survey of the European Commission, French is the fourth-most widely spoken mother tongue in the European Union.

  • Level A1 - Rs 10500/-
  • Level A2 - Rs 11500/-
  • 40hrs
  • Level B1 - Rs 12500/-
  • Level B2 - Rs 14500/-
  • 50hrs
  • Level C1 - Rs 16000/-
  • Level C2 - Rs 21000/-
  • 50hrs


In today’s competitive world many Cos intend to expand the business across the overseas, as a consequence building relationships with global business associates is inevitable. In one or the other situation the interaction with the international business partners becomes unavoidable.

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