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Linux System Administration

Modules are given below:


RHEL Linux Adminstration (Version 7.X)

  • Accessing the Command Line
  • Managing Files From the Command Line
  • Getting Help in Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Creating,Viewing and Editing Text Files
  • Managing Local Linux Users and Groups
  • Controlling Access to Files With Linux File System Permissions
  • Monitoring and Managing Linux Processes
  • Controlling Services and Daemons
  • Configuring and Securing open SSH services
  • Analyzing and Storing Logs
  • Managing Red Hat Enterprise Linux Networking
  • Archiving and Copying Files Between Systems
  • Installing and Updating Software Packages
  • Accessing Linux File Systems
  • Using Vertualized Systems


  • Automating Installation With Kickstart
  • Using Regular Expressions With grep
  • Creating and Editing Text Files with vim
  • Scheduling Future Linux Tasks
  • Managing Priority of Linux Processes
  • Controlling Access to Files With Access Control Lists(ACLs)
  • Managing SELinux Security
  • Connecting to Network-defined Users and Groups
  • Adding Disks,Partitions and File System to a Linux System
  • Managing Local Volume Management(LVM) Storage
  • Accessing Network Storage with Network File System(NFS)
  • Accessing Network Storage with SMB
  • Controlling and Troubleshooting the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Boot Process
  • Limiting Network Communication with Firewall



  • Automating Installation With Kickstart
  • Controlling Services and Daemons
  • Managing IPv6 Networking
  • Configuring Link Aggregation and Bridging
  • Network Port Security
  • Managing DNS and Servers
  • Configuring Email Transmission
  • Providing Remote block Storage
  • Providing File-based Storage
  • Configuring MariaDB Databases
  • Providing Apache HTTPD Web service
  • Writing Bash Scripts
  • Bash Conditionals and Control Structures
  • Configuring the Shell Environment
  • Linux Containers and Docker
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  • Duration - 1month
  • Lab & Project
  • Access Duration-Lifetime
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